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Newsreader Level Price (USD)
5 GB/month   $2.50
15 GB/month   $5
30 GB/month   $10
45 GB/month   $12
Unlimited Downloading   $15
Groups Completion Retention
Multi-part Binaries 99%+ 200 days
Single-part Binaries 99%+ 200 days
Text/Discussion 99%+ 200 days

We carry all the popular ALT BINARIES PICTURES newsgroups. If you have any questions please ask us!

Start downloading from ALT BINARIES PICTURES newsgroups today! provides the fastest, most reliable USENET access to thousands of newsgroups. Our retention and completion rates are more than competitive. We support the use of any Usenet newsgroup newsreader application that you may be using..

arrow Speed
Our server benefit from utilizing redundant OC-12 connections to multiple Internet backbones, ensuring the USENET articles you request are delivered as fast as your Internet connection allows. And it doesn't matter where you live... we provide consistently fast usenet newsgroup access to customers from around the world. Cable and DSL customers will especially enjoy the high rate of transfer, especially when their newsreader applications are configured for 8 connections/threads offering maximum data throughput.

arrow Reliability
24x7x365 monitoring ensures our server is always available when you need them. Upgrades are done off-hours to minimize interruptions to your NNTP connections. Redundant incoming IHAVE newsfeeds help maintain completion/retention rates.

arrow Retention
We strive for the best retention and completion rates in the industry. We carry all the major alt.binaries newsgroups and can add more as required. And with SPAM filtering in place, our newsgroups remain readable for months. Check out the current levels above!

arrow Completion
We offer an unprecedented 99% news server completeness rate in multipart binary articles such as alt.binaries newsgroups - yet to be matched by any other newsgroup provider. Of course, long USENET retention times are meaningless unless all parts of the binary attachments are available; thus the reason why we maintain multiple Tier 1 incoming newsfeeds to minimize or eliminate the problem of lost newsgroup articles.

arrow Support
We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Whether you need a newsgroup login and password re-sent, or require assistance getting connected, our support staff is ready help. Even if you're new to usenet newsgroups, our staff can send you the required information to get connected fast and easy. And coverage is 24x7x365 so please feel free to contact us any time.


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Whether you're using dial-up, DSL, or Cable internet access, you'll enjoy our wide array of text and binary newsgroups. Access is allowed via login and password so you can access the usenet newsgroups from home, work, school, or on the road!
"I tried several other news providers before finding you guys. The others may have been cheaper, but they were slow and incomplete (guess you get what you pay for)... your servers have the best completion and retention!"
- James D
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